Wednesday, October 31, 2018

31 October 2018

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” [Ezekiel 33:6]

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12]

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Today, 31 October 2018, is Reformation Day and is the 501st anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting the ninety-five theses on the door of the Wittenburg Cathedral in Wittenburg, Germany. Luther posted the theses to notify his students of the details of an upcoming lecture hall discussion, and inadvertently began the Protestant Reformation. The ninety-five theses addressed the abuses by the Roman Catholic Church in their unbiblical practices regarding indulgences.

+ Lutheran World Federation, 150, route de Ferney, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland, 22-791-61-11, Fax: 22-791-66-30,

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Today, 31 October 2018, is additionally the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of the Christian Observer (CO) as an Internet publication. The printed version of the CO ceased publication in mid-2007 due to the high costs of printing and mailing, and because of the declining health of then-publisher the Rev. Dr. Edwin Elliott. The editor and Dr. Elliott along with CO Associate Editors the Rev. Chuck Huckaby and Mr. Eric Pastorek worked throughout 2008 designing and building the CO website and launched the new Internet resource on Reformation Day 2008.

The Christian Observer began publication in September 1813 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the Religious Remembrancer, which later changed its name to the Christian Observer after absorbing several other Presbyterian and Reformed publications. The CO ceased publication in the early 1970’s, and in 1988 was revived by the Rev. Dr. Edwin Elliott. Dr. Elliott passed away in October 2009.

ATLANTA, Oct. 30, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King:

With Halloween just a few hours away, it's probably no coincidence that this demonic atmosphere is neatly tucked in between midterm elections and Thanksgiving. Be on the alert, nothing is as harmless as it seems. The treat is a trick.

In just a few hours, some will cling to tradition with the Halloween custom of hanging macabre decorations, partying with sinister attractions, and going from house to house begging for treats while ignoring the danger of candy laced with poison or razor blades hidden inside. Some may even plan to soften the deception by seeking safe harbor in private settings, including in church socials; God forbid. No matter how you dress it up, Halloween is demonic and occultist.

Although television tries to seduce us while making the occult attractive by inventing such characters as Samantha and Genie, there is nothing cute or harmless about witchcraft. As Michael Snyder explains in Charisma News, on Halloween "all over America, those who are deep into the dark arts will contact the dead, cast spells and conduct blood sacrifices."

With so much evil going on in the world today, who needs Halloween? Just think of all the craziness going on without all of the play acting.

Not long ago, three high school seniors were arrested for planning a mass school shooting and bombing in a Texas high school. Meanwhile recently, two girls in a Florida middle school were apprehended in the midst of planning a macabre occultist murder/suicide pact. Are you scared yet? Boo hoo; there's more.

All around us, families are reeling from terror and grief after a deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue killing eleven and wounding another six. Please pray for their loss.

Then there's the crazed bomber who sent pipe bombs to several political leaders wreaking havoc all over America. Thankfully none of the pipe bombs exploded and nobody was hurt.

Other political leaders and public figures are being targeted for harassment. Even I was recently cursed out by another patron at a nail salon venue. These types of horrors are becoming routine; occurring in public venues due to a so called "resistance movement" with challenges to political and even spiritual ideology.

Friends, we are living in a scary world and in scary times. It could be easy for many to lose hope were it not by the promise that comes from Jesus Christ. We are challenged to fear not; even in scary times.

"I have overcome the world." - John 16:33 KJV

Meanwhile, rather than celebrating a season with ghouls and monsters, why not focus on all of the good going on in the world around us?

Let's exert energy and excitement while praying for the future of our country and our world.

Why not get ready to vote for life in the upcoming mid- term election?

Meanwhile, don't celebrate evil. Overcome evil with good.

"Fear thou not." -- Isaiah 41:10 KJV

[Editor’s Note: Alveda King is the niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and is a stalwart in the pro-life movement.]

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

24 October 2018

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” [Ezekiel 33:6]

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12]

Presbyterians Week Headlines


I must begin this issue of ARPTalk by apologizing to our readers. In the last issue of ARPTalk, I announced the following new sports were added at Erskine College: football, acrobatics, E-Sports, lacrosse, track and field, and rodeo. There are, however, other sports programs under consideration. At the time, I was unaware of them.

I informed the readers of ARPTalk that the motion to pass the new sports programs was made by Bobby McDonald, who, when someone objected to not having time to read the many-paged proposal, said the board should adopt the proposal, and the members of the board could read it when they got home. Well, it has taken me some time to obtain a full copy of the proposal. Hidden in the back of the proposal and in small print were the other sports programs which are on the table for consideration. I can now inform our readers that those sports are (1) bass fishing, (2) tractor pulling. (3) catfish noodling, and (4) alligator trolling with nutria in Louisiana.

According to President Gustafson, the justification for sports programs such as these goes like this: “We are attempting to be relevant to the cultural ethos of our target student community.” That means, “butts in beds.”

Men and Women’s Bass Fishing

I understand the conversation among the members of the administration on the possibility of bass fishing was so exciting it bordered on the giddy. It is reported that Clarence’s Sporting Goods, Tri-motors Bassemperor Boats, and Fishing Hole Bait and Fly Shops are in discussions with President Gustafson on the possibility of supporting the entire program. In a phone interview with Athletic Director Mark Peeler, he said, “I’m so excited about this opportunity. I can say I am literally in a tizzy. I have even been in the backyard today where I had the manure pile two summers ago digging for and collecting worms for our first tournament! I can’t get over that our college that was once known for its liberal arts programs has evolved to the point we have a bass fishing program with scholarships. For all those who say there is no hope for Bubba and Wanda Fay getting a college athletic scholarship, let me tell you we will soon have one at Erskine College! And thank you Tri-motors Bassemperor Boats for the new Titan Emperor Deluxe Edition Bass Boat with heated leather seats. We are mooring it in Lake Academic behind the rodeo stockyard. Go Fleet!”

Men and Women’s Tractor Pulling

According to Bobby McDonald, “Tractor pulling is a perfect sport for a college like Erskine which is located east of and about seven miles from the town of The-End-of-the-Earth, South Carolina. Wilber Ebenezer Braxton Nutts (who usually goes by “Webie”) has a large farm southeast of Due West. Webie loves tractor pulling. Years ago, when the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville was the BI-LO Center, Webie attended all the tractor pulling events. He says he lost his hearing because the events were incredibly loud (and being held indoors the sound was intensified); however, loss of hearing has not diminished his enthusiasm for tractor pulling. Webie is prepared to give 100 acres for a tractor pulling arena. He says an open-air space protects the hearing of young people who attend. Webie is also giving 100 acres for parking and the attending venues, and he is building a grandstand that seats 10,000. When I asked President Gustafson about this, he replied, “A big hand and a tip of the hat are due to Webie Nutts.”

Possible sponsors are Ford, Dodge, International, John Deere, Coors Beer, Miller Beer, Taylor’s Pride Chewing Tobacco, Copenhagen Snuff, Bib Overalls, and, lest I forget, Aurora Cannabis. When Webie Nutts heard about the possible sponsors, he said, “Go Fleet! We gonna have a high time!”

Men and Women’s Catfish Noodling

Noodling? Noodling? Noodling? What can I say? Catfish noodling at Erskine College? It staggers the imagination! It is hard to makeup this stuff!

For some unexplained reason, no one is willing to talk about noodling. When I asked an old friend who presently serves on the board about noodling, he said, “Oh, Chuck, our meetings are now like attending a funeral wake!” He then went silent, and all I could hear was my friend sobbing into the phone. Finally, his wife took the phone out of his hands, and, after apologizing for his emotional collapse, hung up the phone.
I have a friend in Cajun country in Louisiana who has been noodling since he was a little boy. His name is Maurice Bourgeois. He and his wife Aimée live just north of the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge and near the town of Krotz Springs. Up on Highway 190, about 2 miles west to Port Barre, Maurice and Aimée own a strip mall called “Maurice’s Fishing Camp, Oyster Bar, and Really Good Ethiopian Restaurant, Women’s Hair Salon, Discount Liquor Store, One Minute Tax Preparation, Men’s Hair Stylist, L’Acadiane Truck Stop, Law Office of François Bourgeois, Very Quickie Fast Grocery Store and Cajun Delights.” When I was there, folks called Maurice’s chain of stores and offices “Mauriceville,” and it is the best place to get a mess of cracklings and boudin, a hot cup of café au lait, and a glazed beignets for dessert.

When I called Maurice and asked him about noodling as a sport at Erskine, he was ecstatic. He said, “It’s ‘bout time! They been doin’ bass fishin’ at LSU fer years!” He asked, “Do they have girls’ noodlin’?” I told him, “As far as I know, Maurice, noodling will be a sport for both men and women.”
Maurice’s daughter, Trudimae Yvella (whose first name comes from her maternal grandmother who was born in Arkansas and was a Baptist), is a noodler. She has won numerous tournaments in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Maurice asked me for Athletic Director Mark Peeler’s phone number. Maurice said he needed to know when Erskine is planning to launch the noodling program. He said a scholarship for Trudimae guarantees a women’s championship, and he is prepared to buy all the catfish caught in tournaments for Maurice’s Fishing Camp, Oyster Bar, and Really Good Ethiopian Restaurant.

Well, I thought I had seen everything in Due West! Noodling! Noodling? I just cannot wait to see Trudimae at work again. The sight of a young woman with her arm up to her elbow in the mouth of a 61-pound catfish is not something one sees everyday! It is a sight one does not soon forget!
Men and Women’s Alligator Trolling with Nutria in Louisiana
Now, the sport of alligator trolling with nutria in Louisiana makes ecological and financial sense. A nutria is a giant South American rat which was accidentally introduced into the swamps of Louisiana in the 1920s. Today, the nutria population is so large the nutrias are about to eat all the vegetation in the Louisiana swamps and coastline. They cannot be killed fast enough to eradicate them. No one can find anything the nutria is good for. It is not even good for food. I know; I have tasted nutria. The only thing a nutria is good for is being a 24-hour-a-day eating machine. Anything to help with nutria control is a good idea. So, let us give a high-five to the folks at Erskine for coming up with this idea for a college sport. It is ecologically friendly! Go Fleet!

Alligators were once endangered in Louisiana. However, those days are long past. Today, alligators are an everywhere nuisance. Control of the population is problematic. A sport which helps in alligator control will be profitable nowadays. There is a growing market for alligator meat and a luxury market for the hides for shoes, luggage, handbags, watchbands, wallets, and jackets. This is a money-maker! A cash cow!

I do not know how the sport of alligator trolling with nutria in Louisiana came to be considered at Erskine. I did my best to get an interview; however, everyone was reticent to talk about this. Finally, I found one person who spoke with me, but she said she would talk with me only if I promised to conceal her identity. And, yes, I will keep her identity a mystery. I do not want her to lose her job.

According to my source, in a late-night brainstorming session, one of the administrators said he knew someone in Louisiana who had an idea for a new sport that would solve a problem and make a profit. He said, “Instead of following, let’s create a new sport and be first for a change.” Well, it was late at night!

The next morning a couple of phone calls were made to the Louisiana Fish and Game Department and to other state officials. They were simply beside themselves in glee. Help from South Carolina was on the way! So, alligator trolling with nutria in Louisiana is now under consideration in Due West. As one of the Erskine administrators is reported to have said, “This is a great opportunity. We can launch a new college sport for the Southeast. It now makes sense to begin recruiting in Louisiana. If the target student population in Louisiana is similar to what we have in South Carolina, we have a bonanza of potential students! Go Fleet!”

When I called Maurice Bourgeois and told him about alligator trolling with nutria in Louisiana, he called Trudimae over to the phone so she could speak with me. She was so excited! She said, “Fergit ‘bout noodlin’, sign me up fer gator trollin’!” Well, maybe she can be a two-sports athlete with two scholarship and get two varsity letters!

When I finally did get through to President Gustafson and asked him how catfish noodling and alligator trolling were compatible with and advanced the Erskine mission as a Christian college, he responded with, “Uh, well, un, and, well, uh, uh, uh, uh. What was your question?” Suddenly, I was speaking with his secretary who said, “Mr. Wilson, Dr. Gustafson is presently indisposed! Can you call him back next year?”

Earlier, I said this stuff cannot be made-up. It is not possible! It sounds too much like something out of a Flannery O’Connor story gone mad in a LSD parlor in Savannah in 1964. I thought Hazel Motes died at the end of Wise Blood, but it seems he recovered and is alive and well in Due West and employed at Erskine College!

Finally, in my last conversation with my unidentified source, I asked her how she was doing. She responded, “Thanks for asking. We are attempting to master the art of selling moonlight to a full-moon night sky as we slide into academic insignificance and the attending fear, anxiety, and depression of those awaiting execution by hanging.”

+ Erskine College and Theological Seminary, 2 Washington Street, Due West, South Carolina 29639, 864-379-2131, Fax: 864-379-2167,

+ Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 918 South Pleasantburg Drive Suite 127, Greenville, South Carolina 29607, 864-232-8297, Fax: 864-271-3729


Geneva is developing its commitment to a continuance of student engagement, from first inquiry through graduation and placement. The Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing also convenes the Enrollment and Student Development team, including institution leaders in Enrollment, Marketing, Student Development and Athletics.

The Vice President of Enrollment & Marketing reports directly to the President and provides leadership to the college's student development, recruitment, enrollment, marketing and public relations functions. As a member of the President's Cabinet, the Vice President will provide counsel to the President and collaborate with other executive officers to develop and implement strategies along with the student life cycle which support and enhance the vision and mission of Geneva College.


The Vice President of Enrollment & Marketing will be a knowledgeable professional with a minimum of a master's degree pertinent to the role and at least five years of commensurate higher education experience. This experience must include a record of achieving enrollment goals in private, Christian higher education institutions. In addition to these basic qualifications, the next Vice President will be:

* A person of authentic Christian character and well-versed in the college's Reformed confession and heritage, evidenced in - A deep commitment to Jesus Christ and His word, resulting in a mature Christian walk, - Prayerful dependence on God's provision and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, - An understanding and application of biblical principles for the stewardship of time, talent and treasure, with - Faithful service and follow-through on commitments.

* A gifted leader who:

- Earns respect and establishes rapport with colleagues, prospective students and their families and external constituents

- Encourages their teams and team members to adopt best practices, maintain high standards and reach ambitious goals

- Inspires their teams and team members to accomplish their work with excellence, integrity and a sense of mission

- Presents the mission of Geneva College winsomely and articulates the value of a liberal arts education within the college's Reformed confession and heritage

- Thinks strategically and creatively, and - Makes and communicates difficult decisions firmly, yet graciously in a God-honoring way.

* A competent team member who:

- Portrays an internal energy and work ethic

- Possesses excellent writing skills and strong verbal communication skills in large and small group settings, including the ability to persuade and to listen patiently in personal conversations

- Brings the financial skills to develop and manage budgets on sound principles

- Understands academic funding models as well as the critical issues in higher education, Christianity and culture.


* Select, train, supervise and evaluate the work of staff involved in enrollment and marketing.

* Develop annual strategies and goals for enrollment that maximize the effectiveness of the staff and secure a vital student body well-suited to the College mission.

* Oversee the enrollment functions of the college resourcefully within the staffing and budget constraints of a small, private Christian institution.

* Establish short and long term enrollment and marketing goals and strategies, effectively integrating those with the larger institutional goals.

* Establish short and long term marketing goals and strategies with emphasis on enrollment functions of the college.

* Facilitate and support the President's active involvement and integration in enrollment and marketing efforts.

* Develop and maintain systems that measure the performance of enrollment and marketing at the College and provide reports on a timely basis.

* Serve as lead staff member supporting the Board of Trustees Enrollment Committee and report to the Board of Trustees as appropriate.

* Encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in the work of Enrollment & Marketing among faculty, staff and students on campus.

* Engage in the life of the campus community and represent the college at a wide range of activities, including attending campus events on evenings and weekends.

* Build alumni involvement in enrollment and marketing activities, events and programs.

* Exercise control and fiscal responsibility for the division's budget.


Review of application materials will begin on November 5, 2018. An application includes a letter of interest, resume and statement of faith. Inquiries, nominations and applications for the position should be directed to the President's Office. Send application materials to Andrea Kamicker, Executive Assistant to the President, via mail to the address below or to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

+ Geneva College, 3200 College Avenue, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010, 724-846-5100, Fax: 724.847.6696,


Senior PC Consultant






Beaver Falls - Staff and Faculty Only


Summary of Responsibilities:

-   Provide day to day installation and support services related to Geneva College:

*   Desktop computers

*   Laptop computers

*   Tablet computers

*   Printers

*   Desktop phones

*   Cell phones

*   Audio visual equipment (LCD projectors, microphones, audio equipment, video conferencing units, auditorium control room functions)

*   Operating System and Application software

*   Provide basic supervision and mentoring to PC Consultants

*   At the discretion of the management team, coordinate with other Technology Services staff, in the delivery of services to specific locations within Geneva.

*   May work on medium to large scale projects as determined by the management team.

*   Possess advanced knowledge and skills related to Windows operating systems and Geneva standard desktop computer and laptop design, function, and related resources for service request resolution.

*   Possess knowledge and skills in audio visual support/instructional technology support (ability to configure and operate AV equipment including LCD projectors, video conferencing units, basic auditorium control room functions, microphones and audio equipment).

*   Act as a primary contact and liaison for Technology Services team. Work in partnership with the Geneva end user community in providing services.

Essential Responsibilities: (These essential responsibilities are those the individual must be able to perform unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.)

-   General Responsibilities

*   Provide service to client community, families and visitors, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all data and information through physical and electronic measures.

*   Act as a lead for the Technology Services team, promoting the efficient operation of the team in providing quality service to Geneva end users.

*   Receives projects and carries out special assignments from the management team. Tracks assignments and provides reports, as requested. Works with project managers to define tasks.

*   Provide coordination of services with outside consultants working for or with the Technology Services Department, when required by the management team. Notify the management team of any problems associated with that outside consultant work.

*   Maintain the Service Desk system for all requests assigned, and work to ensure the timely resolution of requests. Immediately notify the management team of any outstanding assigned requests, which have not been resolved within prescribed service level agreements.

*   Provide second level support for problem requests escalated by the Help Desk staff. Report back to the Help Desk and end user, regarding problem status until resolved.

*   Participate in Technology Services after hours on call services, (non-business hours) in accordance with Information Technology Services Departmental Policies and Procedures.

*   This position may be required to maintain a stand by status as part of a rotation within the team. This requires 24 hours per day, 7 days per week availability during the stand by period. The frequency varies based upon the number of colleagues in the rotation.

*   Submit reports to the management team, as assigned.

*   Follow procedures for documentation of Technology Services work.

*   Attend Technology Services meetings, as required.

*   Comply with Geneva College and Information Technology Services Department Policies and Procedures.

*   Be highly motivated to apply process improvement to increase product and service quality to achieve business objectives.

*   Provide support as required by Geneva's Disaster Recovery Plan.

*   Monitor team service requests and/or assignments and insure compliance with Service Level Agreements, Information Technology Services Policies and Procedures, and any other service levels, as determined by the management team.

*   Communicate to the management team, on a weekly basis, all service requests, projects and/or assignments received and current status, to ensure that new and currently assigned responsibilities do not conflict or may negatively impact on service delivery to the Geneva end user community.

*   Provide second level support for problem requests escalated by the Help Desk and coordinate with Geneva personnel and vendors to resolve issues. Report back to the Help Desk and end user, regarding problem status until resolved. Document requests status and resolution activities, as directed.


*   Mentor and direct student employees including; interviewing, training, planning, assigning and directing work, coaching and appraising performance.

*   Must have a mindset of mentoring employees under supervision. Should be able to lead in a way that sets a good example, promotes teamwork, and encourages a positive, efficient work environment.
Performance Development Areas:

*   Achieves Results - Achieves needed results; takes initiative and responsibility; seeks solutions to operational problems; listens and communicates adequately and effectively; keeps others informed; uses resources effectively (time, materials, finances); completes job responsibilities in a safe manner.

*   Personal Organization - Plans and organizes work; demonstrates dependability and good attendance; adapts to changes in the work environment; makes decisions and demonstrates good judgment; handles multiple tasks simultaneously.

*   Knowledge/Learning - Demonstrates and develops job knowledge and skills; possess and improves knowledge of all tools, equipment and resources; demonstrates creativity/innovation in work; increases understanding of how his/her work relates within the department and organization.

*   Interpersonal Skills - Shows respect and kindness towards others; actively builds trust; acts with integrity and fairness; maintains appropriate levels of confidentiality; routinely expresses positive feedback and gratitude; seeks to understand others' perspectives.

*   Student & Organizational Success - Makes students' needs a priority; treats students, families, faculty, employees, and vendors, etc. with respect and support; respects and supports diversity differences; clearly displays a mission-mindedness; shows support and respect for policies and procedures, management and the institution.

*   Teamwork/Conflict Resolution - Works in collaboration with others; supports the work and goals of others; exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; gives credit to others when appropriate; accepts criticism and feedback; takes initiative and uses productive means for resolving interpersonal conflicts without unreasonable delays; shows loyalty to those not present by avoiding backbiting and gossip.

*   Supervisors Only-Supervision/Management Positions: Establishes clear goals and performance standards; provides direction; empowers others and delegates as appropriate; regularly monitors delegated activities; provides recognition and regularly engages in coaching and constructive feedback; identifies, utilizes and develops employee's skills and encourages growth. Exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires respect and trust; reacts well under pressure; shows courage to take action; fosters a culture of excellence.

Job Requirements - Administrative:

*   General: Individuals must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed or are able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the essential responsibilities of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations in order to safely perform the essential responsibilities of the job.

*   Physical: Must be able to perform the following: talking, hearing, and seeing. Must have sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all office equipment including, but not limited to: computers, fax machines, copy machines, modems, and telephones. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

*   Confidentiality: Individuals must recognize that management of data, including personal information, grades, budgets, programs and policies is necessary to the operation of the College. Such information must be kept private and confidential for the protection of the College and to obey Federal and/or State laws. Should there be doubt as to whether a certain matter is to be protected, it should be discussed with your supervisor before making a disclosure.

*   Mental: Must be able to reason, analyze, prioritize, conceptualize, make judgments, and solve problems.


-   Minimum Qualifications:

*   Education/Certification: Bachelor's degree in technology related field or comparable experience

*   Experience: Three years installing and servicing PCs and audio visual equipment.

*   Skill/Abilities: Ability to troubleshoot and maintain PCs, peripherals and software. Understand and implement PC security measures. Understanding of PC networking concepts.

*   Christian Commitment: Eligible candidates must be a thoughtful and articulate Christian and an active member of a Protestant evangelical Christian church. Preference will be given to candidates who support and have an articulate understanding of the Reformed faith. The individual must understand and support the College's "Foundational Concepts of Christian Education" by expressing an evangelical Christian profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to integrate a Christian perspective in their work.

-   Preferred:

*   Education/Certification: Bachelor's degree in a technology related field or comparable experience.

*   Experience: Five years installing and servicing PCs and audio visual equipment.

-   Skills/Abilities:

*   Proficiently apply IT methods, professional knowledge, and GENEVA standards and practices.

*   Intuitively grasp familiar, stable system performance situations.

*   Respond to unfamiliar, undefined, unexpected, or unstable situations with the professionally prescribed standard response.

*   Recognize subtle problems with system design or performance and acts appropriately to improve the condition, seek validation of actions in advance as appropriate.

*   Effective in relationships with business partners, professional peers, and other team members.

*   Coach less experienced IT professionals.

+ Geneva College, 3200 College Avenue, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010, 724-846-5100, Fax: 724.847.6696,

Position Type: Local - Full Time

Specific Job Title: Director of Admissions

Job Description:

Position Summary: The Director of Admissions oversees the strategic planning and execution of the admissions process for the Jackson campus of Reformed Theological Seminary.

Summary of Functions:

• Direct the strategic planning and execution of the campus’s admissions and recruiting efforts in coordination with other seminary departments (e.g. president’s office, development, communications). 

• Oversee, develop, and motivate admissions employees. Provide ongoing feedback, accountability, and training. 

• Maintain awareness of recruiting trends and best practices, ensuring a high level of excellence. 

• Ensure compliance with accreditation requirements in admissions. 

• Ensure compliance with legal requirements for international students. 

• Foster an atmosphere of trust, unity, and teamwork. 

Position Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree from a Reformed seminary preferred 

• Demonstrated success in sales or admissions strategy and execution 

• Pastoral concern for prospective seminary students 

• Ability to relate with a wide variety of constituents 

• Strong analytical and administrative skills 

• Strong written and oral communication skills 

• A deep appreciation for the importance of theological education 

• Understanding of and ability to articulate Reformed Theology and the seminary’s mission, vision, and values 

Orlando Contact Information

Employer Name: RTS Orlando

Employer Address: 
1231 Reformation Drive

Employer City: 

Employer State: 

Employer Country: 

Employer Zip: 

Employer Phone: 
(407) 366-9493

Contact Name: 
David Veldkamp

Contact Position: 
Vice President of Administration

Contact Email: 

Orlando Contact Information

Employer Name: RTS Jackson

Employer Address: 5422 Clinton Blvd.

Employer City: Jackson

Employer State: Mississippi

Employer Country: USA

Employer Zip: 39209

Employer Phone: (601) 923-1670

Contact Name: Step Morgan

Contact Position: Director of Admissions

Contact Email: 

+ Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando, 1231 Reformation Drive, Oviedo, Florida 32765, 407-366-9493, Fax: 407-366-9425

+ Reformed Theological Seminary - Jackson, 5422 Clinton Boulevard, Jackson, Mississippi 39209, 601-923-1600, Contact Page

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

12 September 2018

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” [Ezekiel 33:6]

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12]

Presbyterians Week Headlines


A year ago, after conversations with President Rob Gustafson and others to whom I turn for counsel, I put ARPTalk into hibernation. The new administration at Erskine needed the time and an opportunity to put together a plan. Indeed, with the hiring of Dr. Rob Gustafson as President, Dr. John Basie as Provost of the college, and Dr. Leslie Holmes as Provost of the seminary, a new day was upon us — or so we hoped. With hope abounding, many of us asked, “After so many years of missional betrayal, theological deviation, internecine conflict with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, squandering of a lauded academic reputation, and mishandling of financial resources, are we witnessing the rising of the Erskine Phoenix from the ashes of disappointment?” Alas! No! The Phoenix story is a cruel delusion!

Football Ain’t Jesus!

When the Erskine board met in Due West on Thursday, August 23, board members were greeted with a dark cloud of disheartening news. (1) Provost John Basie resigned after a short tenure and returned to his job and home in Georgia. (2) Former board member (and former Vice Moderator and former Moderator of General Synod) Steve Maye, who was re-elected to the board this past June at Synod (but after meeting with President Gustafson and others), resigned before the August meeting of the board, conceding Erskine is a hopeless cause. (3) Dr. Ashley Woodiwiss resigned from the college faculty in order to take a position at Lander University, thus dismantling the political science program and finally nailing shut the casket on the hoped-for Drummond Center. (4) A financial hurricane is rapidly closing on Due West and has grown from a category bad to a category awful.
In recent memory, Dr. Randy Ruble is the first Erskine president to broach the idea of resurrecting football at Erskine. Why did he do that? Simple! The recruiting of more students! Potential students were not buying what Erskine was selling academically and Christianly! Money to pay salaries and other expenses was need. Revenue from football players was the way of financial salvation.

Ruble’s idea was castigated as ludicrous — an abomination to Erskine’s mission as a Christian liberal arts college. The response was, “For a mess of athletic and financial pottage, Ruble is prepared to abandon both Erskine’s storied academic reputation as a liberal arts college and her cherished heritage as a Christian college. If Ruble leads the board to do football, Scienta cum Moribus Conjuncta (“Knowledge joined with Morals”) is lost forever. Football will lead Erskine into the abyss of academic insignificance, athletic ineptitude, and religious irrelevance.”

Under President David Norman football was a taboo subject. While there were other issues, football was the undoing of both Acting President Brad Christie and President Paul Kooistra. This was the attitude: “We will not go there! We will not abandon Erskine as a Christian liberal arts college. Football is not a savior but a devil. Before we do football, we will shutdown Erskine!” Right now, Christie and Kooistra must be laughing themselves silly! I would be!

Well, if football were not a good idea for the administrations of Ruble, Norman, Christie, and Kooistra, why is it now a good idea for the administration of Rob Gustafson? Indeed, I asked this question of various individuals. I asked, “What has changed? How has football now become the the athletic-Jesus who will save Erskine from all her financial sins?”
Here is a collage of the answers I received: “Well, Chuck, you just don’t understand. We trust Rob Gustafson. He’s truly a good man. Unlike Ruble, Norman, Christie, and Kooistra, we can trust him to do the right thing. He will use football to get us financially stable, then we can return Erskine to her roots Christianly and academically. We can also use football as an evangelistic tool. Yes, let us all rise and cheer: FOOTBALL FOR JESUS! Besides, we are out of options. We don’t know what to do. We are a failure as a Christian liberal arts college and are unable to sell our present product. There is noting left to do but close if football can’t save us. May the football-Jesus save us!”

Well, these people to whom I have spoken are right that Erskine is a failure as a Christian liberal art college. They are also right that they cannot sell Erskine academically (for they can only recruit about 40 to 60 non-athletes a year). Now, all their former tough-talk about how they had rather close Erskine before embracing football is meaningless bluster and all the pitiful “Jesus-Jesus” talk about evangelism-through-football is nonsensical blithering.

What is the present condition of Erskine? Well, Erskine is like a man in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital who is on life-support and the family is unwilling to pull-the-plug. The signs of impending death cover him. He is jaundice because his liver has failed; his neural oscillations (brainwaves) are flat; his skin is covered with necrotizing lesions; his heart relies on a LAVD; he breathes on a ventilator; and he has black patches of uremic frost because of kidney failure. Whatever the heroic measures taken, this man cannot be saved from death. He is dead! The only things left to do are pull-the-plug and give the corpse a decent burial. In spite of all the arguments otherwise, the Erskine patient is dead! The heroic measure of football is no savior!
No question, President Gustafson is a good man. I like him. I respect how he stood up to Paul Kooistra and told him football and the sports model would not save Erskine. However, he has been given an impossible hand to play. Even now, he agrees that football is no savior — a pathetic “Hail Mary pass” in the last two seconds of a lost game. So, why is he turning to football? The answer: DESPERATION! Desperation drives men to do desperate things. Money is needed to pay salaries and other expenses. Erskine is broke! It is so hard to pull-the plug on a dream when it dies! And who wants to be the president who closes Erskine?

Yippie Ki-Yay, Buckaroos!

Presently, Erskine College is a failure. In spite of President Gustafson’s longings for something different, Erskine is nothing more than a very expensive Sports Camp, providing a 13th year of high school sports (and nothing else) for a few naive athletes who have limited athletic ability and meager understanding of what the burden of $20,000 in tuition debt will do to their future; a debt which (as many of you are aware) will haunt a person to the grave. And, sadly, these young people will walk away from Due West with nothing to show for their Erskine experience but debt.

As of the August board meeting, here are the board-approved athletic offerings: baseball, softbalL, basketball for men and women, E-Sports, golf for men and women, CROSS COUNTRY for women, soccer for men and women, tennis for men and women, track and field for men and women, LACROSSE for women, volleyball for men and women, acrobatics for women, football, and RODEO.

As of this writing, according to the Erskine directory, the number of academic faculty (both full-time and adjuncts) is forty-nine. The number of athletic staff is nineteen, but this number does not include the coaches needed for football and the other programs added (nor does it include part-time athletic staff). At this writing, the ratio of athletic staff to academic faculty is twenty-nine percent, and, of course, this does not take into account athletic staff to be hired for new sports programs (and with an anticipated 150 football players, as a friend and former football coach says, “It will take at least five grown men just to keep them from killing and pillaging!”). With new coaches for football and other new sports programs (acrobatics, E-Sports, lacrosse, track and field, and rodeo), the ratio of coaches to academic faculty will be much higher. Indeed, the academic nature of Erskine is fading faster than Alice’s Cheshire Cat. Indeed, Erskine is a Sports Camp with a want-to-be college! By the way, if it helps in finding a head football coach, I understand Urban Meyer may be available.

In more than one way, Erskine has become a rodeo, even with clowns. It is amazing the dumb things people say when they are desperate. According to Athletic Director Mark Peeler,

. . . The critical next step is to identify a head coach who will be thoroughly committed to our mission.

We will not compromise the college’s mission or ‘The Fleet Way’ with the addition of football. We will integrate all aspects of this program with our core values—first and foremost we are Christ-centered. . .  (

Unfortunately, there is not enough sugar and mayonnaise in South Carolina to turn Peeler’s words into chicken salad. Well, Athletic Director Peeler, let me ask you a question: is that what Erskine is doing now with the athletic programs you oversee? Do not bother to reply. No! is the answer. Your pronouncement is clown-like. Yippie Ki-yay! Go Fleet!

Well, what can we expect for this year’s Freshman class? As usual! This year’s class will be about 200 students (or 203 as reported on Facebook by a board member). The class is very athletes-heavy. I understand the number of non-athletes is about fifty. From multiple sources, I also understand at least forty percent of the class was accepted probationally. That is, forth percent of the class is academically-at-risk, so do not expect to see them long. As usual, expect the retention rate from Freshman to Sophomore to be terrible at sixty percent or less — and look for less. Historically, from Freshman to graduation in four years, the retention rate is less than fifty percent, and I predict this class will not improve the percentage. This is easy to find; all one needs to do is look at the Freshman class size and compare it to the number of students who graduate four years later. Well, what do you expect when coaches do the recruiting? Besides, Erskine College has nothing to offer Christian students who are looking for a Christian liberal arts educational experience at a distinctively Christian college.

Now, with regard to the “Fleet Way” and the “college mission,” Coach Peeler, what percentage of students fit the college’s mission? Do you have any idea? Is it sixty percent, fifty percent, forty percent, or lower? As an outsider looking in (but also as a former board member and one who knows a great deal about things-Erskine), I would say lower. Let us do a survey and see what we get! As you know, mission-fit students in Due West are as rare as a Wooly Mammoth. Indeed, this athletic recruiting emphasis is succeeding in driving away non-athletes and students who fit the mission.
In conversations with a number of former board members, when I informed them of football and rodeo, they said, “Chuck Wilson, you’re making this up!” One even accused me of lying! When I assured them I was telling the truth, they said, “This is crazy! Why did we waste our time? Our dream of Erskine being the premier Christian liberal arts college in the southeast is gone! Erskine is dead! Our dream is dead!”

What Happened?

I think a sign needs to be erected outside of Due West, reading Dante-like, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!” It is amazing how Erskine sucks all reason and good sense out of people.

I know Bobby McDonald. We have been partners in a number of conventicles regarding Erskine where we dreamed the dream of Erskine being the premier Christian liberal arts college in the southeast. In my presence, he has ridiculed the idea of football at Erskine as destructive to Erskine’s mission as a Christian liberal arts college. So, how did McDonald come to make the motion for football and the other new sports programs? It is easy. Desperation seduced his reason and principles and extinguished the fire of courage. He became Mr. Faintheart.

We often hear of the “Erskine way” in Due West. I suppose the most painful thing for me to learn was the plan for football was formulated in secret and not distributed to the members of the board prior to the meeting. And this to the glory of God??

I call this the politics of disingenuousness. It is the good ol’ Erskine way!

Yes, business as usual!

Football, rodeo, and the other sports programs were not on the agenda. A large and complicated document was dropped on the trustees unexpectedly. Then Mr. McDonald said, “Here’s the plan, let’s adopt it!” When some board members complained they needed time to read a long and complicated document and asked for the vote to be postponed until the October meeting of the board, their concerns were brushed aside. Mr. Faintheart, the Nancy Polosi of Due West, responded that the board members should adopt the plan and read it when they got home! There is no excuse for such a maneuver! I have called Mr. McDonald. He did not answer. Well, at this point, I would not answer a phone call from Chuck Wilson, either.

A Financial Crisis Waiting

The “Trump Run” in the stock market has been good for Erskine. The Erskine Endowment stands at $41 million-plus. The problem is Erskine also has a debt-load of about $16 million-plus. That means the debt-to-cash ratio is about a whopping forty percent and growing. And what I pen is actually a sanguine assessment! If I held the paper on Erskine’s debt, I would be nervous and formulating a plan to recall the loan. Also, this means the actual monies Erskine has available is about $25 million. Now, $25 million is not a small sum, but now comes the pressure of football and other new sports programs (and let us not forget rodeo). And, yes, unexpected expenses will arise, and they will not be small. The kicker with the $25 million is that much of it is restricted monies. Here is the question: what is actually available for use? Three or four million dollars?

The financial news gets worse. From those who know, there is a $200,000-plus loan coming due this fall. I understand the “get-out-jail-free” cards whereby payment can be postponed have been used! Do the members of the board understand the seriousness of this? If the folks in the administration are unable to get refinancing (and that is adding more interest debt on interest debt), the board meeting in October will be a doozy. So, whose worried about the salaries of a of a bushel basket of new coaches? By the way, the salary of a good high school head coach is about $100,000, and are the assistant coaches going to be paid? By the way, at the high school where my son coaches, there are thirteen football coaches (and they do not deal with 150 players).

And the news gets worse. Do you remember when Erskine was put on probation by SACS? One of the concerns of the SACS auditors was the long-term practice of large draws on the Endowment. The SACS auditors cautioned draws of no more than five percent, and the board concurred. Then how is it that the last draw was seven percent? And I predict the draw this year will be ten percent or higher. Alas! where else can the administration find a money tree apart from the Endowment? Good heavens, what is going to happen when the SACS-man cometh for an audit?

I asked an old friend to read my assessment of Erskine’s financial plight. Like me, he is a former board member, and, like me, he was a member of the board’s finance committee. He said, “Chuck, it is far worse than what you write! You have painted a rosy picture!” Well, I suppose I have grown soft! This is the most emotionally draining ARPTalk I have written. Perhaps I am mellowing in my dotage. This is for certain, I take no joy in these words.

Something Positive

Well, do I have something positive to say? Well, yes, I do.
Provost of the Seminary Leslie Holmes distributed a book of sermons by the seminary’s faculty, entitled, Celebration. The first chapter is by Dr. Holmes and is a defense of Six Day Creation. I did not think I would live long enough to see someone write a defense of Six Day Creation at Erskine Seminary or College.

A Proposal for a New Day

I cannot take claim for the following proposal as mine. In a conversation with an old friend, he reminded me of something I had forgotten. He is the inspiration for what follows.

When I found my way into the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1972, the Dunlap Orphanage was still active. At the time, Dunlap was the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in ministry to orphans and other special children.

A few years later we found it necessary to close Dunlap in 1978. The closure of Dunlap, however, did not mean the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church had abandoned this ministry of mercy. The method of ministry changed.

Assets were turned over to General Synod and invested in order to provide for a new manner of ministry. Today, Dunlap “provide[s] care, support, maintenance, and education of orphaned, or fatherless or helpless, or needy children, and to support projects related to such children” (Dunlap, bylaws).
As I remember, many of us were disillusioned when we closed Dunlap as an active orphanage. However, the ministry of Dunlap evolved, continues, and is now greater and farther reaching than imagined. Last year, Dunlap distributed nearly $166,000 to nine ministries: three in MS, four in SC, one in Ethiopia, and one in Pakistan. Dunlap went from a small parochial ministry in Tennessee to an international ministry; from a failed ministry to an expanding ministry. Dunlap went from helping forty or fifty children to helping hundreds — or even thousands. In my opinion, Dunlap is a noble and most effective ministry, far exceeding what was originally envisioned.

What is my plan?

I advocate the closing of Erskine in Due West and the selling of the properties before all resources are expended, attempting to resuscitate that which is failed and dead. Indeed, when a Christian liberal arts college is turned into a sports camp, it is dead!

However, I am not advocating for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church to give up on education; rather, I am proposing a Dunlap-like solution.

The buildings and land are worth something to someone. After all debts are settled, a sum of $25 million remains. After an equitable settlement with the seminary, a sum in excess of $20 million would probably remain. Turn the assets over to General Synod for investment and the establishing of an Erskine Scholarship Fund for Associate Reformed Presbyterian students seeking to attend a Christian liberal arts college. At present there about forty Associate Reformed Presbyterian students at Erskine. An Erskine Scholarship Fund has the potential of helping far more Associate Reformed Presbyterian students and without pilling up a huge load of loan debt on a student.

+ Erskine College and Theological Seminary, 2 Washington Street, Due West, South Carolina 29639, 864-379-2131, Fax: 864-379-2167,

Rare Relics of Christ's Passion to be Presented in Lake Charles

Contact: Denise Murphy, 860-496-0648

TORRINGTON, Conn., Sept. 4, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Eight rare Relics of the Passion, with a unique musical and meditative program focused on the Passion of Christ, will be presented at multiple churches in Louisiana from September 12th through September 19th.

The program, entitled "Call from the Crucified Heart," is a unique one-hour presentation of The Passion that couples holy relics with supporting meditations and musical pieces that serve as a guide to help you accompany Jesus through His suffering during the Passion. The program ends with an opportunity for personal veneration of the relics.

The Apostolate for Holy Relics, guardians for these relics, has toured across the United States throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018. Having the opportunity to join in this program while they are here in the Diocese of Lake Charles in Louisiana is sure to be an experience that will help you connect with the very roots of your faith.

It's very rare to see a group of related holy relics all in one place as is presented in this program. Collections such as this are generally seen only in Rome or the Holy Land and is something that most people only get to see once in a lifetime. What's significant about this collection is that these relics are brought into a single venue with a unique narration that brings the story of the Passion to life.

Documents for these relics have been reviewed and authenticated prior to the commencement of the first tour in 2007 and have been venerated in events throughout the world.

The Relics of the Passion collection includes:

  • A piece of the True Cross, which was discovered by St. Helena
  • A piece of the Holy Table from the room where the Last Supper took place
  • A piece of the Column of Flagellation
  • A piece of The Crown of Thorns
  • A replica of the Holy Nail, fashioned using filings from the true nails
  • A relic from the head of St. Longinus, the centurion who pierced the side of Christ
  • A picture of (the effigy of) the Veil of Veronica touched to the original with a Vatican seal attesting to the fact.
  • A piece of the exterior wrapping for the Shroud of Turin

Additional information regarding the AHR and their upcoming tour with the Relics of the Passion in Louisiana, can be found at

+ Christian News Wire, 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington DC 20006, 202-546-0054,

+ The Vatican, Città del Vaticano, Rome, Italy, 39-6-69-88-35-11, Fax: 39-6-69-88-54-47, Contact Page

[I Timothy 4:1-3 – “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry…”]

Catholics Demand Release of Documents on Predatory Priests from Cardinal Dolan

Contact: Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute, 540-847-5501

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Lepanto Institute is continuing its radio ad campaign in the Archdiocese of New York, asking Cardinal Timothy Dolan to release all of its files on predatory priests before a formal grand jury investigation is launched by the attorney general.

The radio ad can be heard at this link:

The Lepanto Institute was formed in 2014 for the purpose of investigating and exposing threats to the Catholic Church, both from without as from within. The Fulton Sheen Initiative of the Institute was created specifically for taking out radio ads addressing the current scandal of homosexual clergy within the Catholic Church.

"It's perfectly clear that a vast network of sexually deviant priests has infiltrated the Catholic Church, causing the crisis we now face," said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute. "If Cardinal Dolan wishes to preserve the faith and maintain the trust of the faithful, he will need to begin by clearing out all priests with a record of sexual deviancy."

Investors in the Fulton Sheen Initiative have already committed $25,000 to the radio ads, spurring on support from the faithful.

"Ever since we took out these ads, our office has been swarmed by phone calls and emails from faithful Catholics supporting our effort and asking us to keep the pressure up," said Hichborn. "The campaign has been an overwhelming success in alerting the laity to the problem and giving them a proper course of action."

The Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ is a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within. Founded in 2014, the Lepanto Institute has exposed several instances of Catholic or Catholic-affiliated organizations being directly involved in events or other matters directly contrary to Church teaching. 

+ Christian News Wire, 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington DC 20006, 202-546-0054,

+ The Vatican, Città del Vaticano, Rome, Italy, 39-6-69-88-35-11, Fax: 39-6-69-88-54-47, Contact Page