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4 July 2012

Presbyterians Week Headlines

[1] Was U.S. East Coast, Centering upon Washington DC, “Smote with Blasting Wind” (Haggai 2:17)?

[2] Statism, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Road to Serfdom: Thoughts on the Supreme Court Decision on the HealthCare Law

[3] July is Repent of Non-Christians Obama and Romney Month (2 Chronicles 19:2)

[4] Time for a Change of Leadership at Exodus?

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[1] Was U.S. East Coast, Centering upon Washington DC, “Smote with Blasting Wind” (Haggai 2:17)?

The editor this past Friday evening 29 June 2012 was driving southbound through the Shenandoah Valley on I-81 in
Virginia when severe thunderstorm warnings began being broadcast on the radio, predicting seventy mile-per-hour winds and urging listeners to seek shelter from the approaching storm. Assuming that the editor’s four-wheel-drive vehicle was adequate shelter, the southbound trip continued.

The storm began with no rain but with heavy wind gusts continually changing directions, blowing debris, and creating dust storms wherever a dry field adjoined the highway. Unusually massive webs of lightening flashed across the sky as the wind increased in intensity and a small amount of rain began to fall.

Trees adjacent to I-81 began to collapse onto the road; completely blocking the right-hand travel lane is several places. As the editor exited I-81 about sixty miles later and made his way toward home, darkened traffic lights and other signs of electrical outages became more and more apparent. During the final leg of the trip over several two-lane roads, at least three fallen trees completely covered the pavement, and the editor drove through several shallow ditches and on an old, mostly-abandoned one-lane dirt road to finally make his way home.

As of the publication of this article, the editor’s home electric service, and thus well water, adequate lighting, television, and Internet service, remain unavailable with no end in sight, and daytime temperatures remain in the high-nineties with high humidity. The situation remains inconvenient and uncomfortable, but the editor and his family have been greatly blessed by the hospitality of nearby family and friends whose electricity was restored soon after the end of the storm.

The past few days have reminded the editor, in spades and honors for you bridge players, how truly blessed in wealth and comfort are the overwhelming majority of those in the U.S. and
Canada, and how insignificant are the editor’s inconveniences and uncomforture compared to so many others affected by the storm, and by the normal day-to-day situation of so many of the brethren in Christ around the world.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that the 29 June storm was:

[A] rare and destructive phenomenon known as a derecho. A derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm that is associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms. Although a derecho can produce destruction similar to that of tornadoes, the damage typically is directed in one direction along a relatively straight swath.

In the Old Testament book of Haggai, God punished the disobedient remnant of his people in several ways described in Haggai 2:17:

"I smote you with blasting and with mildew and with hail in all the labours of your hands; yet ye turned not to me, saith the Lord."

The NASB and some other translations say Judah was smote with a “blasting wind”, one of several things God used to bring famine to his unrepentant people.

The editor asks the reader to keep in mind the U.S. Supreme Court decision of 28 June 2012 upholding the complete nationalization of health care in the U.S., which among many evils requires Christian and other religious entities to violate the tenets of their faith by providing abortifacient drugs and other birth control, and by funding surgical abortions - 55 million of which have been performed in the U.S. since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The editor now asks the reader to view the YouTube video of the satellite image of the 29 June derecho storm that knocked out electric power to 3 million people, 1.8 million of whom remain without electric power:

Please notice how the storm grew so large and fierce over
Ohio, how the storm proceeded eastward over West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland with the eye of the storm at its strongest point crossing directly through Washington DC, then dissipated to nothing as the storm travelled eastward across the eastern shore of Maryland and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Please too review the following articles from 2009:

Presbyterians Week - 5 August 2009 - “[8] 28 July 2009 Tornado on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, Characterized as God’s Wrath for Homosexual Civil Partnership and Sabbath Breaking

Presbyterians Week - 26 August 2009 - “[4] Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minister John Piper Witnesses and Comments upon Tornado Concurrent with Scheduled ELCA Sexuality Vote

So, is the editor trying to say that the 29 June derecho was God’s wrath being poured out on the U.S. and its government for its continuing descent into God-less statism and murder? How about the
Stornoway, Scotland and Minneapolis, Minnesota tornadoes? No, the editor cannot definitively say this, nor I think will any of us know for sure on this side of heaven or prior to the Second Coming.

What the editor can say definitively to those in the U.S. government usurping the authority of God and man, those with or without electrical power, and those anywhere else that have allied themselves with the prince of this world, is the same thing that Jesus Christ told his questioners in Luke 13:5:

     "…except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."

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+ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1401 Constitution Avenue, Northwest, Room 5128,
Washington DC 20230, 202-482-6090,

[2] Statism, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Road to Serfdom: Thoughts on the Supreme Court Decision on the HealthCare Law

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following commentary is submitted by Dr. Michael A. Milton:

Ideas have consequences and often - unintended consequences. The ideological basis for the Supreme Court decision regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Healthcare Acts ("ObamaCare") I believe will be discovered to be such a case.

The merits and deficiencies of this decision will be debated between political parties for months and among legal scholars for decades. Yet the deeper realities of this and other such laws which touch deeply our personal lives, will craft our national consciousness and sculpt the "very soul of our nation" for centuries.

Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein (1818)(1) is an illustration of this important concept. Her classic story was not just a great universal classic horror movie, but was also a profound early 19th century statement on the unintended consequences of good intentions that were ethically deficient in the scientific experimentation of a fast changing world.

Over the years, I have witnessed many sad souls living with their "monsters" - the unintended consequences of bad decisions like: tearful battles in family court, rebellious adolescents, alcoholism, and even suicide. These "monsters," or unintended consequences, cannot all be traced to a singular bad decision. More often these monsters arise, as in Shelly's classic, from a long series of decisions based on poorly conceived and erroneous ideas.

I have no credentials for making these statements beyond that of an arm-chair-quarterback-concerned-citizen trying to analyze the Obamacare SCOTUS decision from a minister's perspective. But I would like to offer a pastoral-theological reflection on what I see as the precipitating event, in a series of bad actions, that appears to be creating an unnatural, godless and uncontrollable monster that will stalk us and affect our well-being as a nation long into the future.

I believe that our "Frankenstein's monster", the result of unintentional consequences is statism: the perpetual philosophical lie that human redemption can come from a centralized political collective and that it will lead us to the utopia we inherently desire.

The desire for betterment individually or collectively is not wrong. It is, as I say, inherent. It is a familiar longing in all of us. However, it is the "thing" that we chose for redemption that can destroy us or can save us. That choice is wrapped up in what we call a "worldview" - that is how we see the world and we understand the world to work.

Belief in statism as a redemptive power is a "worldview". It is a very bad and dangerous worldview and it grips much of the world today. It falsely promises a better place, a utopia, if you will, with a Faustian devil's deal, if ever there was one.

Statism contradicts the biblical worldview of God's Creation-Man's Fall-Redemption in Christ. There is no utopia save the Kingdom of love that is communicated in the Bible through redemption in Christ, available to all who receive it and the Kingdom of God that is inevitably coming in the form of a new heaven and a new earth. Statism, as Austrian economist F.A. Hayek pleaded in his landmark title, The Road to Serfdom (1944) is the antithesis of the worldview of Christianity. As he begins his chapter on "The Great Utopia," he exposes the rotten-core worldview of statism:

"What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."(2)

Having left his native country in 1931, which eventually collapsed itself under the monster of statism, and eventually handed herself over to the shackles of totalitarianism and national socialism, he became a professor at the London School of Economics.

Hayek believed that European people were making a deal with the devil by accepting the State's promise for collective security by trading their personal liberty. He argued that Britain, as early as 1944, was in danger of a selfsame statism that would lead to devastating consequences. His arguments were, at length, exported to America as he immigrated here to teach at the University of Chicago. Though "he being dead yet speaketh,"(3) Hayek's call to be wary of the "outsourcing" of personal security and responsibility for State control and planning of our lives is the bedrock issue we are facing today as a people.

I say again, as a minister and theologian, I am most concerned that the recent issues in healthcare, national debt and growing entitlements are lifting the curtain to reveal a mad scientist at work creating a monster that will not be silenced but by many sorrows. The voices of Shelly and Hayek are important, but they are yet lesser voices of warning echoing a greater voice to every man, woman and child:

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage" (Galatians 5:1 AV).

This Independence Day is a good time to remember that America was founded by those whose worldview exposed the lie of statism and chose freedom and then were willing to pay the price to keep it. Their selfless sacrifice for that liberty brought about consequences that have been a blessing unto this day. It is never too late to reclaim that liberty again.

(1) Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus (New York: Oxford UP, 1994).
(2) F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom: Text and Documents, edited by Bruce Caldwell (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2007 edition of the 1944 original), 76. Hayek began this chapter with the quotation cited by German poet, Johann C. Hölderlin.
(3) The Epistle to the Hebrews, 11:4. Authorized Version (AV).

Michael Anthony Milton (Ph.D., University of Wales) serves as the chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary (one of the largest accredited seminaries in the country), a U.S. Army chaplain (instructing at the Armed Forces Chaplain School) and the James M. Baird Jr. chair of pastoral theology at RTS/Charlotte. He is an author, songwriter, singer, ordained minister, former pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., and he previously served as the president of RTS/Charlotte. Dr. Milton also hosts a national Bible teaching television program, Faith For Living, broadcast on the NRB Television Network, and a radio program broadcast on several stations in the southeast. For 16 years he served in the business world and has also served as a top-secret Navy linguist.

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Reformed Theological Seminary, 2101 Carmel Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226, 704-366-5066, Fax: 704-366-9295

[3] July is Repent of Non-Christians Obama and Romney Month (2 Chronicles 19:2)

“God commands the USA to have a Christian government so Americans can be blessed with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” says Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries. He calls denominations, pastors and Christians throughout July to speak up for Christians to be elected, and to publicly repent of sinning against God by helping non-Christians Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

“Romney and Obama voters are destroying the USA,” he says. “Who do you fear God or Obama? If you fear God, then you will work for Christians to be elected. If you fear Obama, then you will sin with Romney.”

“You are throwing your vote away by voting for God’s enemies-because helping those who hate the LORD gets God angry and only causes God’s judgment on the economy and our freedoms (2 Chronicles 19:2),” he says.

“God warns that Obama and Romney are ‘accursed’ (Galatians 1:9). Christians believe that Jesus is the Second Person of the Godhead. As a Mormon, Romney thinks Jesus is a created being, the spirit brother of Lucifer. Mormons also think men become a God,” he continues.

“Obama covered the name and cross of Jesus at Georgetown, believes in leaving living babies to die who survive botched abortions and is trying to remove the Holy Bible from government. God says turn away from Obama and Romney,” he explains.

Polling shows that Christian Ron Paul beats Obama (Rasmussen, April). He believes the Republicans need to give Ron Paul for President; Otherwise Christians should quit the Republican and Democrat parties and vote for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. Goode, Wiley Drake and Tom Hoefling are Christian candidates.

“Ron Paul already has the votes to win if Christians repent. Virgil Goode has strong ballot access,” he says.

People say that Obama and Romney are twins. They: 1) are non-Christians; 2) won’t cut the deficit; 3) want unconstitutional laws like NDAA to put Americans in prison for life without a trial, and martial law; and 4) believe in non-Christian unjust wars.

Paul, Goode, Drake and Hoefling oppose these non-Christian ways.

“Christian should read ‘Making A Strong Christian Nation’ to understand the Biblical reasons for the USA’s problems and what God’s answer is to heal our nation,” he says. God warns voting for non-Christians causes corruption, economic decline and removes freedom. Are you smarter than God (Deuteronomy 28)?”

“If you love Jesus and want to help the USA, then you will call for Ron Paul or Virgil Goode to be President and repent of Obama and Romney in July.”

“Just imagine if the denominations feared God and taught what the Holy Bible says, God’s blessings would come right back to Americans. God loves us (Proverbs 14:34),” he says.

“Sadly, many turned astray with Romney or Obama and refused to repent when asked, including Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell Jr., Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Richard Land, T.D. Jakes, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony, NOM and others. Their sins are obvious to the church (Ezekiel 22:26-29).”

+ USA Christian Ministries, 2059 Camden Avenue #280, San Jose, California 95124, Contact Page

[4] Time for a Change of Leadership at Exodus?

Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of New Testament, at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary has written a new article dated 30 June 2012 titled “Time for a Change of Leadership at Exodus?

Dr. Gagnon discusses Exodus International President Alan Chambers’s interview in The Atlantic (June 20, 2012) where Chambers assures “Gay Christians” that unrepentant homosexual practice is no barrier to salvation … among other Gospel distortions and bad moves.

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 Headlines from headlines of the past week include the following articles:

-- Kraft Defends Rainbow-Stuffed Gay Pride Oreo as ‘Reflection of Our Values’

-- ACLU Threatens Utah School for Requiring Parental Consent to Check Out Homosexual Book

-- Proposed Delaware Bill Could Punish Spanking with Two Years in Jail

-- British Medical Association Maintains Opposition to Euthanasia despite Pressure

-- Gays Disrupt Hearings in Brazilian Congress on Psychological Treatment for Homosexuality

-- Personhood USA Founder’s Home Attacked at Night, Children Terrorized

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 Headlines from Christian Concern

Christian Concern’s headlines of the past week include the following articles:

-- New Report Shows Rising Sexualisation and Abuse of Children

-- Launch of Government Funded 'Registry of Homophobic Acts' in Canada

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 Raging Heathen and Vain Imagining

Articles from the past week regarding kings and rulers setting themselves against the LORD and against his anointed:

-- Whistleblower Reveals Plan to Evacuate London during Olympics: 200,000 Casket Linings on Standby

-- Terrorists Could Hijack Domestic Drones and Replicate 9/11, Study Finds

-- TSA Agent Breaks Rule, Spills Human Ashes, Then Laughs at Deceased’s Grandson Carrying Ashes

-- TSA Purposefully Hiring Violent Criminals, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, PTSD Vets, Says Whistleblower

-- U.S. Supreme Court Affirms the Largest Tax Hike in American History

-- World's First Genetically Modified Babies Born

-- California Bill Would Let Children Have More Than Two Parents

-- U.S. Government Labels Those ‘Suspicious of Centralized Federal Authority’ as Terrorists

-- Satanists Claim Poster Theft Is Hate Crime

-- Chief Justice Roberts, Economic Fascist - by Dr. Gary North

-- Retired U.S. Army Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin Says U.S. President Obama Following Fidel Castro’s Communization Plan

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 The Religion of Peace

Articles from the past week about the religion of peace:

-- Muslim Guilty of Torching Wife Who Wanted to Stay in U.S.

-- Muslims Arrested over Olympic Terror Plot in London

-- Sharia in America: New Disability Regulations to Admit Mini-Horses as Guide Animals, Dogs 'Unclean' under Islam

-- Sharia Law in "Moderate" Jordan: Rape Victim, 14, Forced To Marry Rapist

-- Tunisia - Convert from Islam to Christianity Beheaded

-- Kenya Church Attacks ‘Kill Fifteen’ in Garissa

-- Devout Muslim in Afghan Police Uniform Kills Three NATO Troops

-- New Egypt: Muslims Murder Two Christians for Not Voting for Muslim Brotherhood

-- Sharia Law: Iraqi Women Face Court-Ordered Virginity Tests

-- Murfreesboro Tennessee Mega-Mosque Proselytizing In Public School Curriculum

-- Jihadist 'Plot to Blow up US Passenger Jet' in Run up to Olympics

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