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24 October 2012

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Mitt Romney's Great Lie the Media and Christians are Ignoring

[2] Kingdoms Apart: Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective Published by P&R Publishing

[3] First Annual B.B. Warfield Lectures Announced for 2-3 November 2012 at First Presbyterian Church of Colombia, South Carolina

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Mitt Romney's Great Lie the Media and Christians are Ignoring

Bill Keller, Internet Evangelist and the founder of, on 22 October 2012 wrote:

“Mitt Romney lies every time he calls himself a Christian and the media and true Christians ignore it!

“Up front, this is in no way an endorsement for President Obama since I don't tell people who to or not to vote for. I was one of the first in the media in 2007 to warn people who then, Senator Obama was, and shared that if he was elected President in 2008 it would be a form of God's judgment on this nation for our sins. According to the Book of James, Chapter 4 Verse 4, President Obama is an enemy of God in every sense of the word. As I warned and has come to pass, he has been the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-enemy of Israel president in history. President Obama opposes God on every major spiritual issue of the day.

“This is also not about politics. This is about spiritual issues, which are the real problems our nation faces. Mitt Romney and those in his cult like Glenn Back, LIE every time they call themselves Christian. Mormon doctrine is clearly 100 percent inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. While they claim they are Christians because the name of their cult is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that doesn't make them Christians any more than if they called themselves giraffes would make them giraffes!

“Mitt Romney and all Mormon men believe that if they follow the beliefs of their cult during this life, upon death they will become the "god" of their own planet. That is why when Romney and Mormons speak of "god," it is NOT the God of the Bible Christians believe in, but a "god" who was once a man and ascended to become "god" of this planet.

“Mitt Romney and those in his cult talk about having faith in Jesus, but the "jesus" they believe in is NOT a deity as the Bible teaches. Their jesus is also the brother of Lucifer who will return one day to Independence, Missouri, instead of the Mount of Olives as the Bible teaches. As for true Biblical Christians, Romney and those in their cult believe that they are lost and inferior.

“In regards to the Bible, those in the Mormon cult supersede God's Word which true Christians believe represents Absolute Truth and cannot be added or taken away from, with the writings of their cult's documented con artist, pedophile, polygamist, racist, and murdering founder Joseph Smith. Those writings include The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrines and Covenants. These writings and NOT the Bible that they believe is flawed, form the authority Mormons put their faith in.

“Regarding women, Romney and those in the Mormon cult believe like Muslims, that women are inferior to men. Mormon women have ZERO spiritual authority. As a matter of fact, an eleven-year-old male in the Mormon cult has more spiritual authority than a mature woman. Mitt Romney and men in the Mormon cult have a special name for their wife/wives that only the two of them know. That is because upon death, a Mormon woman can only get into the Mormon version of heaven by their husband calling them by that special name.

“Once in their version of heaven, a woman will be one of many wives since Mormons still believe in polygamy, even though most have abandoned the practice to become more acceptable by the culture. In the Mormon version of the afterlife, women will all be eternal incubators, creating "spirit babies" that Mormons believe will populate their "planet" that they have been given to rule as "god."

“The reason the media can't figure out why Mitt Romney seems like someone living in the '50s, why he seems a bit "off," is because they don't understand the beliefs that guide Romney and those in their cult. Since his college days at [Brigham Young University], Romney was called by close friends "the chosen one." This is a reference to the White Horse Prophecy he and all Mormons believe in, that says the nation will be in a state of chaos. During that time of chaos, they believe a Mormon will be elected President, set aside the [U.S.] Constitution, and enact a Mormon theocracy.

“Of course, if you challenge a Mormon about their beliefs, they will LIE that this is not what they believe. In Mormonism, it is called "lying for the Lord," which teaches them that it is okay to lie about their true beliefs in order to advance the agenda of their cult. This is why when asked about their secretive "temple rituals" their founder Smith plagiarized from the [Masons], Mormons will tell you they are sacred and not secret, to keep people from knowing about their blood oaths to the Mormon cult above everything else, or the role playing that includes worshipping Satan.

“Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and those in the Mormon cult LIE every time they claim to be a Christian. The fact is, because of their beliefs that they will deny if confronted with them, a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is. Why won't the media challenge Mitt Romney on this issue? Worse, why do true Biblical Christians allow him and those in his cult to get away with such a LIE???”

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[2] Kingdoms Apart: Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective Published by P&R Publishing

P&R Publishing Company has published Kingdoms Apart: Engaging the Two Kingdoms Perspective, by Ryan C. McIlhenny, in which Neo-Calvinist scholars address issues on which they differ with Two Kingdoms supporters, such as the nature and extent of Christ's kingdom, the idea of Christian culture, cosmic redemption, the cultural mandate, natural law, and common grace.

Michael A. Milton of Reformed Theological Seminary says of this book: “I have prayed for wise and courageous scholars to step up—and step into—this fraternal debate within the Reformed Christian community concerning Two Kingdoms. I am praising God, therefore, for . . . Kingdoms Apart.”

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[3] First Annual B.B. Warfield Lectures Announced for 2-3 November 2012 at First Presbyterian Church of Colombia, South Carolina

The first annual B.B. Warfield Lectures are scheduled for 2-3 November 2012 at Jackson Hall of First Presbyterian Church (Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church) of Columbia, South Carolina. The theme of the lectures is “WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM?” - Confessing Jesus Christ—Yesterday and Today. The lectures will be presented by Dr. Mark E. Ross, Professor of Systematic Theology at Erskine Theological Seminary.

+ First Presbyterian Church, 1324 Marion Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201, 803-799-9062,

+ Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1 Cleveland Street Suite 110, Greenville, South Carolina, 29601, 864-232-8297, Fax: 864-271-3729

Erskine Theological Seminary, Post Office Box 668, Due West, South Carolina 29639, 800-770-6936

Headlines from Christian Concern

Headlines of the past week from
Christian Concern:

Demoted Christian in Court over Same-Sex 'Marriage' Comments

Northern Ireland Attorney General Seeks Inquiry into Belfast Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic

French Government Ready to Redefine Marriage

Christian Concern, 70 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8AX, England, 020 7935 1488, Contact Page

[5] Headlines from The Christian Institute

Headlines of the past week from The Christian Institute:

-- Christian Bed and Breakfast Loses Court Case Brought by Homosexual Couple

-- Scots Teen Abortion Percentage Second Highest In World

-- Scots Girls of Thirteen Given Morning-After Pill without Parents’ Knowledge

+ The Christian Institute, Wilberforce House, 4 Park Road, Gosforth Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8DG, England, 44-0-191-281-5664, Fax: 44-0-191-281-4272,

Articles from

Articles from the past week from

-- Inmate Tells Arrested Pro-Lifer: ‘Your Arrest in the Abortion Clinic Saved My Baby’

-- New Romney Ad: 'Abortion Should Be an Option'

-- How Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks and Hispanics

-- United Nations Human Rights Council Attempts to Create Abortion ‘Right’

-- Pro-life Activists - One in Jail - Receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Fighting for Pre-Born

-- Department Store Nordstrom Supports Redefining Marriage

-- Ex-Gay Families Ask U.S. Government Take Down Links to Websites Demeaning Ex-Gays

-- Billboard Company Lamar Refuses to Post Pro-Life Ads in Indiana

-- Film on Teen Who Awoke From Coma before Having Organs Harvested Stirs 'Brain Death' Debate

-- Children to Be Taught 'Heterosexuality Not the Norm' in Australian Schools Project

-- Yale Study: Only One-Third of Adolescent Pregnancies 'Unwanted'

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[7] Raging Heathen and Vain Imagining

Articles from the past week regarding kings and rulers setting themselves against the LORD and against his anointed:

-- Military Forces Chaplains to Perform 'Gay' Marriage

-- Romney Swing State Ads: ‘Abortion Should Be an Option’

-- Billy Graham Site Removes Mormon 'Cult' Reference after Romney Meeting

-- Daughter of LDS Bishop Warns Against Mormonism and Romney Presidency

-- Franklin Graham Questions Obama’s Christianity, But Not Mormon Romney’s

-- Parents and Students Ignore Atheist Threats and Pray at High School Football Game

-- Los Angeles Woman Arrested for Selling Raw Milk Jailed and Had Bond Set at US$60,000

-- Abortion Clinic in Northern Ireland Draws Outrage

-- U.S. Navy Lieutenant’s Husband Put on No Fly List, Stranded on Island

-- Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Defense of Marriage Act

-- Lesbian Soldier Begins Sex-Change Process during Deployment to Afghanistan

-- State of Georgia Bans Firearms in Houses of Worship

-- Blind Man in U.K. Tasered after Police Mistake White Cane for Samurai Sword

-- Glendale, Arizona Woman Ticketed for Giving Free Food to Hungry

-- Burma Land Grabs Force Spike in Human Trafficking

-- Free Online Classes Banned in Minnesota without Explicit Government Approval

-- Atheists Recruit College Students to Photograph Pastors’ Homes

-- FEMA Corps Youth Program Draws “Hitler Youth” Comparisons

-- U.S. Federal Government Actively Fighting Christian and Gay-to-Straight Counseling

-- University Dean Says Creationists Should Not Be Allowed to Graduate

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[8] The Religion of Peace

Articles from the past week about the religion of peace:

-- A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House

-- Victims Outraged as Feds Refuse to Call Fort Hood Attack Terrorism

-- Shiite Muslims Quietly Establish a Foothold in U.S.

-- Muslim Gang Attempts to Kidnap Egyptian Christian Mother, Four Dead

-- FBI Arrests Muslim Terrorist with 1,000 Lb Bomb in Plot to Blow Up New York City Federal Reserve Building

-- Mass Arrests of New Christian Converts in Shiraz, Iran

-- Obama Administration Approves up to US$300 Million for Infrastructure Projects in the Islamic Republic of Iran

-- Residents Flee Potiskum, Nigeria As Death Toll Hits Thirty-One

-- The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children

-- Jordan Disrupts Major Al-Qaeda Terrorist Plot

-- Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault: Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill

-- Afghan Girl 'Beheaded for Refusing Prostitution'

-- Taliban Unrepentant After Attack on Pakistani Teen, Vow to Kill Her

-- New Jersey Assembly Passes Pro-Jihad Bill: Dismantles Counter Terror Measures to Appease Muslim Brotherhood Organizations

-- Muslims Bombard National Geographic Channel with Jihad Terror Threats over Bin Laden Raid Movie

-- American Christians Raise Voices against Boko Haram

-- Church Buildings across Tanzania Attacked by Islamists

-- Assassinated U.S. Libyan Ambassador May Have Been Linked to Jihadist Rebels in Syria

-- Egyptian Constitution Promises Equal Rights for Women — So Long As It Doesn’t ‘Conflict With the Rulings of Islamic Shariah’

-- New Report Documents Government of Sudan’s Starvation Warfare against Its Own People

-- CIA Chiefs Face Arrest over Horrific Evidence of Bloody 'Video-Game' Sorties by Drone Pilots

-- Rimsha Masih's Case Extended

-- Another Christian Teenager Held for Blasphemy in Pakistan

-- Authorities Close Down Churches in Aceh, Indonesia

-- Islam Loves American Prisons

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