Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 September 2013

Presbyterians Week Headlines

[1] Faith Groups Host Prayer Vigil for Peace in Syria in Front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington DC as Congress Prepares to Vote on Military Intervention

[2] I Am Kirk Moderator, Hear Me Roar

[3] Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland [New Zealand] Pastor Deposed for Sexual Misconduct Vows to Remain in Church Pulpit


[1] Faith Groups Host Prayer Vigil for Peace in Syria in Front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington DC as Congress Prepares to Vote on Military Intervention

Reformed Presbyterian minister and director of the
Christian Defense Coalition the Rev. Pat Mahoney and representatives from Hillside Missions on 9 September 2013 held a prayer vigil in front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington DC as the U.S. Congress prepared to vote whether or not to approve U.S. President Obama’s announced intention to conduct air strikes in Syria.

Director of the Christian Defense Coalition the Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney stated:

"As President Obama and Congress consider a vote to use military force in Syria this week, we will gather as the people of faith and ask God to bring peace and healing to that country. Especially for Syria's children.

"As Christians we have been called to be 'peacemakers' and we will be asking for God's wisdom and guidance for the leaders of Syria as well as the United States.

"There has already been so much pain in that country that the global community must come together for a humanitarian and just solution that does not involve more violence, war and killing."

Kris Keating, Director of Hillside Missions, added:

"Regardless of our political views, Christians can be unified in a prayer for peace in Syria. We love our neighbors in Syria because Christ loves us. I am happy to participate in a prayer event to publicly demonstrate that love."

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[2] I Am Kirk Moderator, Hear Me Roar

Only the third female moderator in the history of the
Church of Scotland, the Rt. Rev. Lorna Hood is embracing feminism as the major theme of her Kirk leadership.

A 9 September 2013 The Courier article titled “Kirk Discrimination Warning” reports that Ms. Hood says that women in the Kirk are facing “real discrimination”, explaining:

“There are parts of the country where women are still denied a place on Kirk Sessions; elders who, having moved from one part of the country to another, find their ordination is called into question. We talk of the great advances made since women were ordained in 1966, but in some areas that is still a huge issue.

“They continue to serve as best they can and in the areas where they can make a difference but the pain is real and the hurt runs deep. In such areas if it were not for the Guild, they would be quite isolated.”

Another 9 September 2013 article by Kathleen Nuttin in The Herald titled “Kirk Moderator Asks Women to Report Sexism” reports that the Kirk moderator is urging women in the Kirk who feel they have experienced discrimination to come forward.

A 7 September 2013 BBC article titled “Church of Scotland Sexism 'Hindering Women' in Office, Moderator Warns” reports the Kirk moderator thinks that sexism in some parts of the Kirk is preventing women from progressing in office, saying:

''I have become aware just very recently that there are a number of women in different pockets, areas of Scotland, who are just not allowed to fulfill their potential. Particularly in regard to the eldership.

"Women who will never be allowed on a Kirk Session in their area or their church simply because they are women.

"Some women who were ordained in different parts of the country, having moved, haven't been allowed onto the Kirk Session just because they are women.

"And I've really been touched by that and I've experienced their tears and their pain and it's never been part of my background, it's never been part of my ministry and I've never really been so aware of that as I have been recently.''

A 10 September 2013 The Scotsman article by Emma Cowing titled “Church of Scotland sexist, says Kirk Moderator” provided some perspective to the issue, reporting:

“Figures published by the Church of Scotland show in 2012 there were more female elders than male in the Kirk, with a total of 17,202 women compared with 16,936 men. However, in some presbyteries the numbers are markedly lower. In Gordon, for example, there are 533 male elders compared with 427 female. In Uist there are just thirteen women compared with forty-three men, while in Lochcarron-Skye presbytery, there are twelve female elders and thirty male elders.”

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[3] Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland [New Zealand] Pastor Deposed for Sexual Misconduct Vows to Remain in Church Pulpit

A 9 September 2013 The New Zealand Herald article by Lincoln Tan titled “Pastor Defiant in Face of Ban” reports that after the Sunday 8 September 2013 service at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand, officials from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand attempted to address the congregation to make the official announcement that the pastor, the Rev. David Ock-Youn Jang, had been struck from the ministerial roll on Friday 6 September 2013 after a church investigation found him guilty of sexual misconduct and abuse.

A summary of the complaints in the hearing committee's decision was circulated before the announcement, containing sexually explicit details, including the nature of the acts, where they happened and how often the deeds of misconduct were said to have occurred. Most of the church members including Mr. Jang walked out of the church before the announcement could be made.

Mr. Jang defied his earlier deposition from the ministry by leading the 8 September 2013 service, and by saying that he will continue to do so with the backing of the parish council and congregation at his church.

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