Wednesday, March 9, 2016

9 March 2016

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” [Ezekiel 33:6]

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12]

Presbyterians Week Headlines

[1] Reformation Trust Publishes “The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones” by Dr. Steven J. Lawson

News from the Deepest Recesses of Hell

The Thinning Blue Line

Raging Heathen and Vain Imagining

The Religion of Peace


[1] Reformation Trust Publishes “The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones” by Dr. Steven J. Lawson

From the pulpit at Westminster Chapel in London, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones set a new standard for faithful and passionate preaching, a standard that continues to be relevant today. Lloyd-Jones was a physician by training and had begun a promising career in medicine before sensing an irresistible call to preach. Surrounded by theological liberalism, he began a pulpit ministry that would exert profound influence on both sides of the Atlantic.

The book is available in ePub and MOBI electronic formats for download for US$7.00 each and in hardbound for US$12.80 plus shipping.

More information including a sample chapter can be accessed at:

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News from the Deepest Recesses of Hell

-- Pope Francis Says That the Muslim Invasion of Europe Should Be Embraced

-- Head of Nurses Group in Portugal Reveals Doctors are Euthanizing Patients without Consent

-- Jesus Would Hold Women’s Hands to Support Them during Abortion: Abortionist

-- Spain’s ‘Abortion King’ Carlos Morín Goes to Trial Again for Illegally Killing Dozens of Late-Term Unborn Children

-- Ban on 2nd Trimester Abortion Method Vetoed in West Virginia by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin

-- Canadian Judge Condemns ALS Patient to Death

-- British Government Encouraging Women to Give Birth to Disabled Babies to Harvest Their Organs

-- Planned Parenthood Lobbies against Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies with Down Syndrome

-- Topless Feminists Protest around the World to Legalize Abortions in Pro-Life Nations

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The Thinning Blue Line

-- Rogers County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Deputy Trespasses, Shoots Family’s Dog, Leaves Him to Die - Children Find Dying Dog and a Note

-- Gardner, Kansas Cops Shoot and Kill Naked Woman in Her Bed after They Order Her to Show Them Where She Keeps Her Gun

-- West Virginia State Police Shoot Suicidal Dad Eleven Times While He Lay in Bed Crying

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Raging Heathen and Vain Imagining

-- Obama Orders U.S. Soldiers Indoctrinated with ‘White Privilege’ PowerPoint Briefing

-- McDonald’s Airs Commercial Showing Homosexual Man Coming out to His Father

-- U.S. Supreme Court: Alabama Must Recognize Lesbian’s Adoption of Ex-Partner’s Three Children

-- U.S. Federal Government Paid US$709,000 to Academic Who Studies How Glaciers Are Sexist

-- Canada Declares War on Christian Doctors and Nurses

-- Obama Considering Using the United Nations to Forcibly Divide Jerusalem before His Term Ends

-- Fortune 500 Companies like J.P. Morgan Now Want to Know which Employees Are Homosexual or Heterosexual

-- [Shades of Chicago in 1968] Cleveland Spending US$50 Million on Riot Gear Ahead of Republican National Convention

-- Putin Stoking Refugee Unrest in Germany in Attempt to Topple Angela Merkel

-- North Korea’s Kim Jong UN Orders Nuclear Weapons to Be Readied for Use

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The Religion of Peace

-- English Speaking ISIS Jihadi Warns Of Paris Style Terror Attack in America

-- Beheadings, Imprisonment Made 2015 Worst Year for Christian Persecution, Open Doors Report Finds

-- Czech Filmmaker Arrested in Sudan for Documenting Christian Persecution

-- Nine Easy Ways to Get Your Name on a Government Watch List

-- Tunisia: Fifty Dead in Islamic State Bid to “Establish a New Emirate”

-- Austria: Sharia Patrol Beats Man Who Told Them to Stop Threatening His Wife and Daughter for Not Being Correctly Dressed

-- Australia: Muslim Accused of Raping Six Women and Targeting Seventy-Two More

-- American Student Stabbed to Death in Muslim Terror Spree in Israel

-- Number of Ex-Gitmo Combatants Who Rejoin Jihad Doubles

-- Dearborn[istan], Michigan Jihad: Muslim Who Plotted Mass Church Shooting, Beheading, Burning People Alive Not Charged With Terrorism

-- Muslim Professor Ishaq Akintola of Lagos [Nigeria] State University says Marriage has No Age Barrier and Muslims Have No Need to be Ashamed about Sex with Children

-- Iran Mockingly Threatens to Walk Away from Failed Obama Nuclear Treaty

-- “They Prefer Boys in Afghanistan”

-- U.K.’s Sharia Courts Run by Clerics Who Support Amputation for Theft, Child Marriage, Marital Rape, Wife-Beating

-- Rutgers Professor Jasbir Puar at Vassar College Lecture Defends Medieval Blood Libel Charges against Israel

-- Executions in Saudi Arabia Reach ‘Frightening’ Rate As 70th Prisoner in 2016 [One per Day Average] Is Killed

-- Germany Begins Banning of Pork out of Fear of Offending Muslim Migrants

-- Islamic State Claims Jihad Truck Bombing in Baghdad, Iraq That Murdered Forty-Seven

-- France: Multiple Young Boys Brutally Raped by Muslim Migrants in “Refugee Camp”

-- Islamic State Executes Teen for Missing Friday Prayers

-- Pamela Geller “Worth Raping and Chopping”: Facebook Allows Savage Death Threats by Muslims but Censors Posts Critical of Muslim Migrants

-- Time Magazine Blames America’s Crumbling Infrastructure on “Islamophobia”

-- Obama Is Quietly Pushing Through a Secret Plan to Bring Thousands of Syrian Refugees into the U.S.

-- Boston Police Commissioner Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

-- Bombed, Burned, and Urinated On: Churches under Islam

-- Pakistan: Muslim Who Previously Murdered His Mother Shoots His Two Sisters Dead in Honor Killing

-- NATO commander: The Islamic State Is “Spreading like Cancer” among Muslim Migrants to Europe

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